Children's Books

In collaboration with YBM, DemiDec has launched two series of books to help younger readers learn English and develop their reading skills.

Academic Power Reading

Published in November 2007, the three volumes of Academic Power Reading provide more sophisticated reading practice across a number of different academic subject areas. Review questions are modeled after those on the iBT TOEFL®.

DemiDec will be represented at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair in March 2008.

Double Take

Each of the nine volumes in the Double Take series, includes both fiction and nonfiction passages.

Step Up (volumes 1-3) includes passages between 40 and 60 words long, most in verse form and set to music on accompanying CDs. The Move Up books also feature listening exercises, vivid illustrations and 360 vocabulary stickers.

Move Up (volumes 4-6) and Double Up (volumes 7-9) include progressively longer passages featuring a wide range of forms and topics. The Double Up books also feature original dialogues on CDs to help readers practice understanding conversations.